Common SAP Transaction Codes

Fastpath to any of these transaction codes by typing /nxxxx in the command field of your SAP GUI screen, where xxxx is the transaction code. The common list of transaction codes and there descriptions are:

smartforms  Smartforms (SAP Form Builder to Create and Adjust Forms)
cmod  Enhancements User Exits
sale  ALE Customizing
bale  Distribution Administration (ALE)
wedi  IDOC Type and EDI Basis
shdb  BDC (Transaction Recorder)
lsmw  LSMW
bapi  BAPI
spau  Display Modified DE Objects
spdd  Display Modified DDIC Objects
sara  central idoc archiving
stms  Transport Management System
wedi  IDOC Type and EDI Basis (IDOC Configuration)
bd21  Analyze change pointers create IDOC from change pointer
bd10  Send Material Master
bd12  Send Customer Master
bd14  Send Vendor Master
bd50  Activate Change Pointer for Message Type
bd55  Conversion rule user exit
bd54  Maintain Logical Systems
bd71  Distribute Customer Model
bd87  Process Inbound IDOCs
bd88  Process Outbound IDOCs
bdm2  Cross system IDOC Reporting
bdm7  ALE Audit statistical analyses
bdm8  ALE Audit sending confirmations
bd61  Activate Change Pointer generally
bmv0  Direct Input Data Transfer Administration
rz04  Operation Mode
rz12  RFC Server Group Maintenance
sar3  Archiving object customizing
s001  SAPoffice Inbox
s010  Standards Texts (SAP Script)
se01  Transport Organizer (Extended View
se09  Transport (Workbench) Organizer
se24  Class Builder (BAPI)
se30  Runtime Analysis
se36  LDB
se37  Function Builder
se38  ABAP Editor (to modify ABAP programs)
se39  Split Screen Editor
se11  ABAP Dictionary
se16  Data Browser (Table contents display)
se41  Menu Painter
se51  Screen Painter
se71  SAPScript Forms
se73  SAPScript Font Maintenance
se75  Graphic Objects and Graphic IDs Sapscript Settings
se78  Administration of Form Graphics (Import Graphics into SAP System)
se80  Object Navigator
se84  ABAP Repository Information (search for SAP objects)
se91  Message Maintenance
se93  Maintain T codes
su01  User Maintenance (Security)
su02  Maintain Authorization Profiles
su03  Maintain Authorizations
slg1  Evaluate Application Log
sm12  Lock Entries
sm21  System Logs
sm36  Background Job Scheduling
sm37  Background Job Monitoring (display batch jobs)
sm31  Table Maintenance
sm30  Calling View Maintenance
sm35  Batch Input Monitoring (Error Logs)
sm50  Process Overview
sm58  Transactional RFC Monitoring
sm59  Maintain RFC Destinations (Define RFC Configuration)
snro  Number Range Objects (for IDOCs)
scc4  Client Overview (Create Quick Delete Modify)
spro  Customizing Execute Project
sp01  Spool Administration
sq01  Maintain SAP Queries
st02  Buffer Analysis (Status Overview)
st03  Workflow Analysis
st05  Performance SQL trace (Tracking the DB calls from the System Txn and Pgms)
st22  ABAP Dump Analysis check logical runtime errors
/h  ABAP Debugger
we02  Display IDOC
we05  IDOC lists
we07  IDOC statistics
we12  Inbound processing of outbound file convert outbound to inbound file
we14  Process (dispatch) IDOCs through Port RSEOUT00
we15  Outbound IDOC from NAST message control
we16  Inbound File
we18  Generate status file
we19  Test tool
we20  Add new Message Type to Partner Profile
we21  Maintain Port Definition
we30  IDOC Type development
we31  IDOC Segment development
we41  Process Code Outbound
we42  Process Code Inbound
we46  IDoc Administration
we47  Status Code Maintenance
we57  Assign function module to logical message and IDoc type
we63  IDOC Type for Parser Output
we82  Assign IDOC to Message Type
we60  IDOC Documentation IDOC Types
we61  IDOC Documentation IDOC Record Types
we81  Create new IDOC Message Types
we82  Assign IDOC to Message Type
pa20  Display HR Master Data
pa30  Maintain HR Master Data
bd59  Create and assign Filter Object Type for Message Type
bd64  Maintenance of ALE or any other Distribution Model
db02  Storage Management and Database Performance
db14  Database monitor
se18  BADI definitions
se19  BADI implementations
fd03  Accounts Receivable Master Data (Display Customer in Accounting)
me22  Change Purchase Order
me21  Create Purchase Order
me51  Create Purchase Requisition

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