We value feedback, good or not so good! A happy customer speaks out…

We’re making improvements to our website to include client testimonials as an important feature, we’re just about there with finalising the changes, but meanwhile our blog seems like a good way to showcase how clients feel about the work we do.

The following is unedited from the customer’s email to me:

“I wanted to provide some feedback on our experience of using your performance testing services.

As you know we brought you in to help with testing our website before embarking on a client campaign, we needed to have some load tests done within a short timeframe and in the knowledge we had an immovable deadline that had to be met before the campaign kicked off.

We didn’t have budget for tools but the JK Vine consultant was still able to develop a solution and cover our requirements using JMeter. I am pleased to say as a result of their great work here with load testing and much hard work by others in the team, all went well generally and the solution coped extremely well in peak periods. Thanks Again”