JKMON The new smart predictive analysis tool suite is here



What is the JKMON tool suite?

JKMON is a collection of modules that provide a System Performance Monitoring & Analysis Solution

• Continuously collects ALL system & application performance metrics (including response time) from all projects & environments
• Notifies of performance SLA breaches
• Shows relationships between response times and all system and application measures
• Projects future utilisations, saturation and performance SLA breach points
• Extremely lightweight collection & utilises thin client interface (browser)

• Readily isolate cause of performance issues
• Achieve ‘Early Performance Testing’
• Collects from all Tiers and platforms to central repository
• Identify capacity issues prior to Production Incident
• Identify response time degradation introduction within SDLC or over time
• Minimal system overhead
• Easy UI for all stakeholders with High Level & Drill-Down Detail views
• Can integrate with any existing client monitoring systems

For more information on JKMON – contact us at http://www.jkvine.com